Thursday, September 13, 2012

I first want to give due credit for the original concept by Ryan Quackenbush, and the original photo by David Edwards.  I will be taking this concept piece and creating a 3D game environment.  It will be in a stylized approach, similar to Darksiders 2 and Orcs Must Die.
This will be a training exercise in using Maya (rusty using Maya!) and Z-brush in my workflow, and then bringing everything together into the UDK gaming engine for a final render.

Currently in the planning stage, I am determining which assets will share texture space, and which ones will have their own.  So far, total texture usage is two 1024x1024's.  I've left room for possibly more textures, as I don't want to exceed the amount of 4096x4096.  I will be drawing a mock texture sheet for my tileable modular assets soon.  Stay tuned!

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