Monday, March 28, 2011


Still have some work to do on this; the textures need another pass of details and tweaks, lighting needs to be adjusted. C&C welcomed as always :)

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  1. I like the texturing work on most everything in this scene. The one area that sticks out to me is the LED arrow sign. Since it is the focal prop, there are a few things you may consider for it:

    1. Make the lights more yellow-tinted instead of straight white
    2. Add a bit of variation in the light bulb not just a constant tone of one color. Think about how light shines through the plastic caps of a car's lights, there is a bit of variation due to the plastic parts that make it up.
    3. The lights that are off need to be some gray-ish plastic tone not just black. This way you can easily see there is still a plastic cap there, it just is not illuminated right now.
    4. If possible, some slightly higher degree of tone variation in the black section of the sign. The definition of the cylinders is only apparent by the slight glint on the rim of them.

    Over-all good work, Looking forward to the next iteration!